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Italian Village Restaurant Reviews:
Brian Rybak (reviewed 2 months ago)
I hope Chef Robert put that cranky acordian player in the dumpster to. He ask for requests an if it wasn't "happy bday" or,"Irish eyes" the only tunes he knows this dope will belittle you. Oh an all he plays is its se bittse spider. Jerk.
A Google User (reviewed 2 months ago)
A change for the Worst! 4/22/12 Not sure why they had "Resturant Impossible" changed their menu. The pasta was so over cooked that it had the same consistency play-doe. The sauce was just as nasty. After the soup was served, the salads were served, then they tried to jam the entree's on the table with all the dirty dishs. I had asked for shake cheese to put on my duaghters pasta and it took over 15 mins to get. I would never go back to this place again. We ate there 7/11 and it was fine. Bad choice by the owners to allow Robert Irvine to (in my opinion) trash their resturant.

A Google User (reviewed about a month ago)
I've lived 1 mile away for 25 yrs and just went for the first time. The service was below average, the gravy was horrible and food is below aveage. My fiancee, son and I........ paid more than 50$, we will never go back.
A Yahoo! Local user
Posted on 07/4/2012
Our family read the reviews on this site and thought we would try the place. The service was slow and unfriendly. The food was poor, the pizza was okay. Overall we will not be returning, and hope if anyone reads this and tries it anyway, that you will have a much better experience.
A Local User
I have been going here for the last 6 years. Over the last year, the food has gotten worse. No taste, service is forever.
The only thing good here is the roasted peppers.
Do not waste your time on this place. There are many better place.

A Local User
Me and my boyfriend have lived in the area for about two years and have never been to the restaurant. We decided to try it out and order take out on 9/7/12. The prime rib we ordered was horrible and no flavor at all not even salt and pepper, the gravy was below average and tasted like it was store bought, and the food was greasy. We spent over 50$ on our meal and it was horrible, the only somewhat ok appetizer we ordered was the shrimp le john. So needless to say we will never be going back!
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Anthony S.
From reading all your comments nobody really liked your restaurant after even it was remolded by Robert irvine that tells me close down business not open other restaurant.

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